Also known under the name “coral cactus” but even though he looks like a cactus he is not a cactus but a succulent. I have one in my collection for many years now and he is such an easy plant to care for. Most of the time he sits happily in my livingroom but when it is warm enough he goes on vacation in my garden and he loves it. They are usually grafted on another euphorbia, it is a “rare” mutation. I don’t know why they say he is rare as you can buy him everywhere and he is not even expensive. He needs temperatures above 15 C° or 60 F°, needs a lot of light and warmth but when inside not in front of a South window, outside you can put him in the sun but start in the shade, then after a week move to the half shade and after that you can give him a place in the sun, otherwise he’ll burn. He doesn’t need a lot of water but when outside in the sun you can give him a lot more, just make sure you use a pot with a big hole in the bottom.

BEWARE, the plant is poisonous, please tell your kids not to touch it, when “hurt” he produces a white sap (like all the euphorbia’s) which give you irritation, always wash your hands after handling him and DO NOT RUB WITH YOUR HANDS IN YOUR EYES before you washed them properly !!!!

And here he is, my big boy :




Have a great weekend all and enjoy your garden !!! Thanks for visiting !