Just to give you a clue of how much taxes we pay in Belgium ; as of today  the money we earn is for ourselves, the money we earned from January 1st till July 26 th is for taxes !!!!! and this year the tax liberation day is earlier than ever ! Our social system is good but we pay a very high price for it !




There is a world of pain, hurt, and loneliness. It’s not confined to any one group, to any economic status, or any continent. It is felt however by one single group – orphans. There are several kids participating in a host program waiting for anyone to bring them to America for the summer. The thing […]

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Wonderfull Arizona

So we have been travelling in Arizona for about 17 days. First we flew from Brussels to London and from there to Las Vegas (Nevada) as we wanted to see Arizona from North to South. There was a hired car waiting for us there and off we went. As the trip was long and tiring we wanted to relax in Vegas and see a bit of Vegas too. That is quite a special city, it is all about the gambling and the booze and the lights ofcourse. As we don’t drink or gamble we did a lot of sight seeing and we loved what we saw;   the nature  and the gardens and the animals in the city.

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And it was hot hot hot, we came from 3 C° in Belgium to           30 C° in Vegas.

Have a great weekend all !